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Dr Kamal Murdia

Director Changing Faces: Changing lives; is a Plastic – Cosmetic Surgeon based in Mumbai, India and Abroad.  He is also a  celebrated speaker, writer and author. He comperes world conferences in the field of Cosmetic Surgery.

Cosmetic Surgeon

We make Plastic Surgery a pleasant experience for the patient.

His motto – It is not only important to do plastic surgery on a face, it’s more important to put a smile in that face. His patients nearly hero worship him.

He has transformed the lives of thousands of his patients with his plastic – cosmetic surgeries.

Celebrated Speaker

He comperes world conferences in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. He has delivered over 700 orations in his life. 

His popular programme called ‘Changing Faces: Changing Lives’, is a combo of Plastic Cosmetic surgery and personality transformation.

He is passionate about Plastic  Cosmetic Surgery, personality transformation and positive life. He is a certified International speaker and is a mentor to a many.

Writer and Author

Extremely well read- infact he has read over 3000 books on self help, positive life and he attends positive seminars and this has been his field of interest and passion.  He says- Self-help books have played a stellar role in his life.

Recently published- The Million Dollar Powerful Personality A Book by – Dr. Kamal Murdia, you will be glad to know – is the First Full 360 Degree Book on Personality by a Cosmetic Surgeon in the World Today.

Dr. Kamal Murdia, MBBS,M.S;M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery) CS(UK), Director Changing Faces: Changing lives; is a Plastic – Cosmetic Surgeon based in Mumbai, India and Abroad. He is a Celebrated Speaker, Writer and Author. He also Compeers World Conferences in the field of Cosmetic Surgery.

He rewrites the magical laws of living and personality, based on 25 years of research ,distillation of over 3000 books, videos and personal experience of over 20 self help courses and his years of experience as a thoughtful plastic cosmetic surgeon, known for his for his orations, writings and wisdom.

You can connect with him on: drkamalmurdia@hotmail.com

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Life, personality or success are terms which mean different things to different people, yet they can be boiled down to few simple formulas. For example, the game of cricket has three aspects such as batting, bowling and fielding. The game of life similarly has about six important aspects when distilled. Once understood and mastered, life becomes an interesting playground. Today’s world is fast moving. Knowledge has to be practical and easy to apply. That’s the essence of this post and this very article you are reading now is actually , excerpt from my forthcoming book. Several research studies indicate the value of good looks and personality presentation in the story of life.

Many years back we started a program called changing faces – changing lives to fulfil this need. Looks have to be complimented by attractive inner qualities of head and heart called ‘personality base or substance’ and strangely its development is not as difficult as it seems.

Have you ever given it a thought that it takes about 15 days to learn to swim or drive a car. The key to any learning or transformation are two simple things called knowledge and training.

You speak convent English because you went to an English school. This rule, you can apply to anything you wish to develop. The way to an attractive personality is again simple. Learn the basics of good looks, have a beautiful mind ,possess a benevolent heart and let them become integral part of your system. If we did what all we could do we would amaze ourselves, here are 6 smart ways you can bring amazing changes within yourself.

Feedback & Reviews

” I feel this book will be a path breaker. It was a pleasure reading your book. The 12 versions of the hare and tortoise race are out of the box and so enthralling. Loved the way you weave tradition and characters like Tom Sawyer or well-known poems like Jack and Jill to drill in your point that remains etched in mind. The author a top cosmetic surgeon has used his experience as a doctor and wisdom of books to add so much value to his work. His writing style, intense, witty and incisive. He possesses a unique acumen to make text, informative and interesting. I highly recommend this book.​  “

Ravindra Kumar Karnani

Freelance writer and Blogger

” I might have read about 150 to 200 such books by now and haven’t come across such an enjoyable and wonderful book on personality. This book is going to break all records. Honestly sir, your writing is something different. Robin Sharma, Steve Paulina, Gary Vaynerchuk, so many books I have read. Your book is above them. Your writing has a distinct style and a class. Seriously it is such a treat. A classic.  “

Naveen Kulkarni

CEO at nVision Digital

” Your book and writing style is so refreshing, like a stream of consciousness but well supported by examples and small stories. There is a powerful theme of pushing the reader to think about living a larger life than they have, which I like a lot.  “

Mick Das

Worked at Microsoft, USA

” I have just read the first chapter again – Just love it. love it love it.  Great read. As always you never disappoint. It is exciting, informative and very insightful. You are an amazing writer. You have worked so hard on this project. So meticulous and putting each chapter and topic across. I can actually hear you in those writings. You have a super style. You are an amazing writer. Your writing is intoxicating, its mind blowing. This book is beautifully written. I never knew so many things about a personality. This book is so much education on personality transformation. Love all your chapters. You are so talented and wise.”

Pamela Peters

Fashion Designer

” Your personality is so inspiring and full of extraordinary qualities, so difficult for me to express in words. I learnt a lot from you, when you were my director. You are a goldmine of good things. An excellent surgeon, speaker and person. I can never forget you in my life. You are so nice and respectable. “

Dr. Santosh Kumar

Family Physician, KSA

” I know you since 2003. One of the most impressive people I have met in my life. A brilliant surgeon, mind blowing speaker and a writer extraordinary. You are always an inspiration, a fresh breeze, a person full of great qualities. I never saw a doctor so well read with such immense and diverse talent. Your book first of its kind by a Plastic Cosmetic surgeon will be a great guide for the many who need a scientific manual on personality transformation.  Your style of writing is mesmerising. “

Lokesh Bhatia

Orthopedic Surgeon

More Reviews about the Book

” I am sure you can write down a thesaurus on any subject and take your readers to their atomic level. I think you should be given P.H.D on this subject and in-depth analysis of personality. The chapter on humor was too good. You are a prolific writer, a word smith with fertile imagination. The world needs to capitalize for a long time to understand in a better way your take on various aspects of life. I am thanking my God for making me your friend. You are a hidden gem, a superstar. Too good man.”

Hiren Shah

Leading Gynecologist

” I have read through all you sent me and simply put is so brilliant. There is a depth and insight into the human mind. is all this going to be in the same book? The references from classics like Tom sawyer to contemporary Celine Dion is refreshing and shows you have put a lot of thought into your writings. The 12 versions of the hare and tortoise race is out of the world. I like the writing style. Simple and effective. I love it. “

Prissy Govender

Author and Writer

” As in all your work, you are so meticulous. The world must thank you. You are a super person. An amazing surgeon, marvelous speaker and so is your writing.”

Shilpi Tiwari

Professor English

” I have never read such descriptive information about perfumes ever in my life. Amazing piece of thoughts and knowledge on paper.”

Hema Shivdasani

Event Manager

” You are a highly skilled story teller. It was pleasure meeting a very generous and intellectual personality like you. Your book is fine blend of good literature and practical experience. It will go a long way leading and guiding younger generation.”

Dr. C. S. Asthikar

Speaker and Publisher

” You are not only a marvelous and talented doctor but also a good positive and inspiring author. You are kind and always a gentleman. I like your writing style.”

Kranti Bapardekar

J. J School of arts

” You are an amazing surgeon, a great and good person with such unique perspectives. Your way of expressing your thoughts is unique.  Your writing has filled in me a fire to enlighten my surroundings. Your thoughts ignite the readers with new zeal to look up in life. I loved the line “The size of your dreams is the size of your life. Your book is so interesting, l could not stop. You are my favorite author now.”

Rupali Yadav


” I must say this is going to be a wonderful book. I have read the attachments and must say the book is a need of the younger generation. I would be the first person to buy this book. The contents of the book cover all aspects of a personality make over.”

Charmine Joseph

Publishing Consultant

” Hats off to you doctor, I read your book, its superb and lucid very well elaborated go ahead and get it published as soon as possible. The book will be a boon to all.”

Sujit Salyankar

Book Enthusiast

” A dedicated doctor, truthful person, marvelous friend, excellent orator, positive person and senior. immensely talented man. I am lucky to have such a wonderful senior and friend. I am always a big fan of you, your writing and your dashing attitude.”

Dr. Neerav Hingad

Leading Pathologist

” It was an amazing time spent with you sir. Learned a lot from you. You are an inspiration to me. I am a big fan of yours. I just loved your book. The book has all one needs to know on personality.”

Sauarbh Chaari

Public Speaking Consultant.

6 Smart Ways You Can Bring Amazing Changes Within Yourself

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Pay attention to these six areas and you will win in life, for sure.

1. The Power of Public Speaking

According to a survey , 41 % of people have this fear of public speaking, which is on top of a list of common human fears. Very few actually know that this is a simple but one the most powerful way to develop self confidence and a dynamic personality. I have no hesitation to say that this skill is equivalent to a college degree and a qualification in itself. It is a shortcut to elevating yourself. It is the best way to drive away shyness, inhibitions and fear of people. Speaking has a magical power of bringing the mind and personality into focus. A speaker has to think on his feet, think fast, he has to concentrate. His memory blossoms and the mind opens up like a parachute. The personality starts getting groomed, toned, streamlined and relaxed. This simple skill is one of the most potent methods leading to a cosmetic personality. If you would gamble further, try a short course in acting and theater, and see the benefits for yourself.

2. The Amazing Power of Human Mind(Human Computer)

The P.C.(personal computer) came into vogue around 1980’s. It is said to have taken the world 50 years ahead. Now can you imagine the power of human mind, the mere hardware would occupy 17 times the size of Mumbai city. It’s a tireless machine. It’ powers are fathomless. Our mind can dream, imagine, think. It has powers of telepathy, clairvoyance and can absorb 80 information per second. It can store a million or a billion information. Hands can give us a living, but what the mind can give is anything one asks of in life. All outstanding success are result of mind games. The mind has two parts – conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind sees in pictures and is the real boss that either makes you a king or a pauper. The way to feed the subconscious mind is called self-suggestion. Mind is a thought factory where it produces ripe thoughts called ideas. When these ideas are practically used, they transform into success stories. A basic understanding of the power of mind is as important as knowledge of the computers.

3. Attractive Personality and its Development

The word personality comes from the Greek- persona – the mask actors wore to play different roles. A complete personality is one, which has power to power to attract through magnetism and is able to harmonize by its flexibility and adaptability.Whatever is your reality, is your personality. Attractive personality is a complex term which is combination of over 25 inner qualities and outer physiognomy. A cosmetic personality is a bouquet of beautiful qualities. A computer is programmed to behave optimally in various situations. So as a person with a cosmetic personality. Again, the development of personality is simple matter of knowing and training. Not to mention few key terms like aura, charm, dramatization, showmanship etc. which are the concepts understood by a person with cosmetic personality. A good personality is like a front page news.

4. Human Relations(Social Literacy)

One can call social literacy as an art of getting along with others. In France, the canine population as pet animal is double of the human species. Why is dog such a craze as a pet animal? There are various reasons. One of them is, everyone admires the quality of the dog – i.e the language of love that dog has for it’ well wishers. The dog has indeed learnt the biggest secret of human relations – Genuine love for others. Human relation is all about managing our equation with others. Human relation depends on our attitude towards others, this spells our social attitude and popularity. For example, if we are smiling means we are happy seeing others. Our facial expression and tone of voice indicates what’s going on in our minds.

5. The Magic Laws of Success

Success is achieving whatever one wants without violating the rights of others. It is not just about what we achieve, but also what we become at the end of this journey. Several books are available on this subject. American author Napoleon Hill did a research in association with Andrew Carnegie – one time richest man of America and his books, The Magic Laws of Success or Think and Grow Rich are concise apostles of this science.

6. Financial Intelligence

The rules of the Rich. Rich people manage their money well whereas poor people mis-manage their money well. Poor people work for money, rich people let money work for them. The 8th wonder of world is compounding – Albert Einstein First save then spend, most do the opposite. Money saved is money earned, Pay yourself first. Save -Buy assets-Let assets buy the luxuries for you. If you save 10% consistently, you will be rich as per your standards